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Bullet Hole Brown Ale  

This Brown Ale is chocolaty, sweet and has a toasty malt complexion. It is named for the mysterious bullet holes which pierced the parlor ceiling of the Woodbourne Manor house under circumstances unknown.

ABV 5.3% IBU 38


Secretly Smoked Ale

The attic inside our Manor house was once used as a secret smokehouse for the family’s food supply during the Civil War. This beer has complex flavors, most unlike many beers brewed. Another staple of Bald Top, the Secret Smoked Ale is one of our favorite beers to share with guests – have you tasted the bacon?

ABV 5.4% IBU 26


Ghost Girl Pale Ale                        

This Pale Ale is far from ordinary;  just like our resident ghost girl! Niece of Woodbourne’s founder, John Henry Price, our ghost girl occupies the upper west bedroom in the manor house; dancing and forever brushing her flowing golden-brown hair.  Just like its name sake, this dark golden ale is enchanting & whimsical – pleasing to those who embrace its unique and complex character.    

ABV 4.9 % IBU 37


Rusty’s Amber Ale

This delicious Amber ale is named after Bald Top’s very first member and dear friend Rusty Robertson. Malty and sweet, this is a beer for everyone.

ABV 5.3% IBU 30

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